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Keadra, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Keadra Jeter. I am an all-around creative (painting, graphic design, & photography).

Thank you, Keadra.

DDM: Where are you from?

Keadra: I am originally from a small town called Carthage, TX but currently live in the Dallas area.

DDM: While growing up in Carthage do you believe it helped your creativity or did you find your artistic side while living in the Dallas area?

Keadra: Being in Dallas actually helped my creativity. I am actually a born artist-my mom, my brothers, my grandmother (RIP) all had a specific area they focused in. And being here (in Dallas) just pushed me harder to express my creativity.

DDM: Art seems to flow through your veins. A real-life family affair. What do you wish to accomplish with your art? And what do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?

Keadra: I want to start a painting class for kids, almost like painting with a twist without the twist but more so like Halle Berry in Boomerang where she taught kids art but also let them freely express themselves and explain their art. What keeps me motivated – well my imagination is always going so anytime I see something in nature, in the city, even social media, it sparks inspiration for me. I’ll either do a quick sketch in my book or type my idea in my notes on my phone depending on where I am.


Queen by Keadra


DDM: Art is all about freely expressing yourself and cultivation a child’s imagination by creating works of art is something that the world needs. Looking at what you have created in the past, would you change anything today? Why or why not?

Keadra:  I honestly wouldn’t change anything. In a few of my pieces, there are some mistakes but no one knows what they are except me. But I feel that imperfections and mistakes give everything character and make it unique.

DDM: All part of the creative process in my mind. The minor “mistakes” are what makes creating art fun.

Keadra: EXACTLY!

DDM: You mentioned that your family all had the creative Gene. When did you realize that you had a gift? Tell me about that. I know personally, there is nothing like finishing a piece and realizing that you created something with your own two hands and from your imagination.

Keadra: I saw my youngest brother (I’m the youngest of 4 btw) draw all the time when I was a kid. He’d come home from school and draw cars. Then saw my mom draw animals and I realized my gift in high school. I did a self-portrait of my brother and gave it as a gift to my mom for mother’s day. My photography skills started about that time with the disposable cameras from Walmart lol and I still have those pictures somewhere in my house.

DDM: Seems like all boys start out either drawing cars, superheroes or cartoon characters. I started out drawing tiny toons and Ninja turtles lol do you remember your first drawings? And as far as between photography, graphics and painting which one do you enjoy the most? Or do they all have a special place in your heart?

Keadra: I don’t remember honestly. Might have been cartoon characters. They all hold a special place but painting/drawing is what I enjoy most. I can tune out the world and just create freely

DDM: With painting/drawing there is no pressure it at least that’s how I feel about it. You can let the paint fall where it lies and the first Mark of the pencil is just as important as the last. Don’t want to take to much more of your time but with your art, how would you like it to be remembered? And for your peers what advice would you like to give to you and coming creatives?

Keadra:  I would like to be remembered as an inspiration for kids to grow with art. I want them to know that being an artist can be a career no matter what people say. As far as fellow creatives – don’t let anyone discourage you from being a known artist or whatever. Just do what makes you happy despite what people say.

That’s sound advice!  More expression on ones true self. And thank you so much for this Keadra, it’s been a pleasure to interview you.

Her by Keadra Jeter

You can find out more about Keadra Jeter over on Instagram and Twitter

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