St. Louis Artist Jamesha Hamp - Dumb Dope Interview

St. Louis Artist Jamesha Hamp - Dumb Dope Interview

8 Creative Questions is an ongoing series of interviews with everyday creative artists. Today’s artist is JaMesha Hamp. JaMesha, would you like to introduce yourself? Hey what’s up, I’m JaMesha Hamp aka Mesh. I am from Kansas City, MO currently living in STL. Thank you, JaMesha. DDM: What does “being creative” mean to you? JaMesha: To me creativity is all about letting your perspective be seen or heard…Doing things YOUR way! It’s all a matter of letting your inner self take control.

 by JaMesha Hamp

DDM: Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do? JaMesha: It was sometime during the summer of ’14. I had a strange desire to paint. I couldn’t shake it. I’m not sure where it came from actually. I found myself up at the wee hours of the morning…painting. From there, I painted canvas, wood, glass etc lol. DDM: What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have? JaMesha: I don’t have a pattern or routines so to speak (it irritates my aunt to the core lol). My desire to create comes sporadically. Whenever I get the feeling, I turn on Pandora to one of my many 90’s RnB stations, sprawl my supplies on my bedroom floor, and….create for hours. I guess that’s kind of a routine huh? DDM: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created? JaMesha: It’s really hard to pick a favorite! I would say the painting of myself. It was the first time that I felt that I was “talented”. It was the first piece of artwork shared, that provoked a range of emotion. DDM: What are you trying to communicate with your art? JaMesha: I’m not too sure. I honestly don’t feel I’m try to communicate anything.

DDM: Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

JaMesha: I love working with my hands and something about power tools seems exciting. When I see others masterpieces from I think to myself “hey, that’s cool! I think I could do that.” It’ll be a new challenge. It’s artwork a tangible 3D definition. I’ve worked with ceramics before and liked it. I’m sure I’d love wood. DDM: What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?  Hmm…I guess…for me, going to art showcases or just taking in the Beauty of things around me whether it be nature, architecture, clothing etc…helps me be more creative (even though I don’t consider myself creative. So I guess my answer would be to draw inspiration from the dopeness of the beauty that’s already around you
Thanks JaMesha, it’s been a pleasure to interview you.
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