What is Dumb Dope? Highlighting Everyday People

What is Dumb Dope? Highlighting Everyday People


Hello! If you stumbled across this site I would like to welcome you. Make yourself familiar and most importantly make yourself at home...

Now that the formalities are out the way and you are wondering why this site exists, well let me get to that:

The purpose of this site is to highlight everyday people and the extraordinary things that makes them special. We are often shown and presented with celebrities and their amazing feats, but what about the people behind the scenes that makes those people great? The purpose is simple you are just as great and everything that you do is just as important. So why not highlight that?

The mission of Dumb Dope:

Dumb Dope is on a mission to showcase diversity in every field of life. From entertainers and film makers, to the writers and image makers, to the mother’s and father’s of the world we believe that the world is better when you show that regular people can do extraordinary things. Our mission is driven by a desire to be SEEN for our unique voices and perspectives. This MOVEMENT is about making our stories and talents more visible.

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