A story of Redemption.... Gus & Pops

#GusAndPops is a father son comedy about son who grew up without his father after 18 years used a fake lottery ticket to give to his dad to help bring the two back together.  This prank allowed Gus to see that his father wasn't wasn't too bad and all the opinions that he formed against him were false. In the end Gus had to form his own opinion and by doing so they ended up sharing their story with the world. There story is about redemption and time lost, but also time gained... Let's here from Gus: DDM: Gus, So how did you track down your father? Gus: He never left I assumed he did, but he had 12 kids at the time and had so many other obligations. I was blessed with good family that when that did happen I didn't steer to far off track and kept sports and community involvement apart of my upbringing knowing how hard it was for me as a kid. DDM: With Gus and Pops was there any resistance in the beginning and if so how did y'all push through it? Gus: To be quiet honest at first I hated him as a kid because of not knowing (him), but as I got older I put my pride to the side and I just love him for the moment ain't nobody perfect. DDM: With that love comes growth, and with that growth is a sign of maturity would you agree? Gus: Without a doubt. (I) Had to man up first. DDM: With your platform you said that you want to inspire those to never give up on their love ones, is that your motivation to keep going? And how has the reaction to Gus and Pops been?
It has been great people have been calling saying because of me sharing my story they have had relationships with their fathers. We laugh we cry he kick me out everyday, but our love is real and bond is so strong.
DDM: As far as legacies what do you want to leave behind and when people here the name Gus and Moss what do you want to know? Gus: They will always know to give back to their loved ones support who supports you and without education we are nothing. With my platform I am going to encourage all young black men to never give up on their love ones and no matter the course stay humble and trust the process as hard as it will become it was worth every second he wasn't there.  
Thanks Gus, it’s been a pleasure to interview you.
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